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Sterl​ing Silver Charms,

 Pendants & Earrings

Are you searching for that 

"Special & Unique" charm?

I bet we have it!!   

Come shop our incredible selection.

Endless Strands of 

Gemstone Beads

Come shop our selection of gemstone beads.   If you are searching for the perfect stone, WE WILL HELP YOU FIND IT!

Semi-Precious Gemstones

Creating that special piece for that special occasion?

We have the perfect semi-precious stones to select from. 

Gemstones & Rocks

Do you collect gemstones and rocks?   We have a wonderful collections of stones to choose from.    

Come browse our beautiful handpicked pieces.  

Ethic & African Beads 

Browse our large selection of Ethnic, African and Amber Beads.   We have a wonderful variety of shapes, sizes and collections. 

Incredible Cabachons

Turquoise, K-2, Bumblebee Jasper, Lapiz,Malachite and More.   We have every shape and size in our large selection of cabachons.  

Sterling Silver Pendants

Our pendants and Unique & Special.   One of a Kind!

Come shop our incredible selection.

Vintage Jewelry by Rose Gireth

Resident Vintage Jewelry Consultant

Pieces date from the early 1800's through the 1950's.

Her collection of Bakelite and Lucite is something to admire. Come pick your favorite pieces to add to your collection.

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